Getting Rid of Unwanted Wildlife… Think Adorable Squirrels.

Raccoon removalWhen thinking about “Pest Removal” in Atlanta the first annoyances to come to mind are the little creatures that commonly occupy the house, but what about the pests that invade the yard or attic? For example, squirrel removal may not be considered essential given how unimposing they seem in size. However, once they make their way inside the attic or uncontrollably multiply is when they become a real threat. There is danger and the possibility of disease when dealing with squirrels, raccoon, or even bats but no animal deserves to be harmed. Instead, there are several methods of removal that do not involve harming unwanted critters. Trapping and releasing is considered the easiest and best way for humane squirrel removal, but squirrels procreate often and it can be easy to miss offspring. Squirrels tend to take up residence inside in order to give birth, meaning that if a parent squirrel is killed or removed the problem has not been solved. Eventually, the babies will die and leave a terrible odor inside the home, as well as threaten the air especially if the ventilation circles through the attic. After capturing the parents it is always a good idea to sweep through the area to check for infants, which can also be safely trapped and then released with the parents. If all of this seems like a bit much to take care of, hire an Atlanta squirrel removal expert to handle it for you. Be safe!

When it comes to raccoon removal there is one big difference from squirrels and that’s the danger level. Both are possible carriers of rabies, both are protective of their young, and often seek out houses for birthing. Raccoon are extremely aggressive when provoked, have sharp teeth and claws, are clever, and are attracted to terrible smells. Raccoon removal can be handled much like squirrels with trapping and releasing. Other methods involve hiring experienced handlers to capture the raccoon into a bag if cages are not working. Bagging would not hurt the animal so long as the handler knows what they are doing, which is why choosing a real professional is so crucial. Raccoon removal

Bats aren’t quite as aggressive as squirrels or raccoon, but when they settle into a home it’s with the expectation that they have found a place to live. To make matters worse bats can fit into holes as small as six millimeters. They can also be found in any room of the house, and if one bat is there it is almost assured there is a whole colony in hiding. Bat removal is sometimes considered more difficult than raccoon or squirrel removal as “trapping and releasing” is not the best option for removing bats. Smaller bats are an easy enough matter and can often be caught by a handler without issue if others methods do not work, however the preferred method of bat removal is a “One Way Door System“. This is a process that begins with finding bat droppings in order to locate the entrance bats are using to come into the home and then closing them out from it as they leave for the night to hunt. This keeps the bats out of the home as well as allows them to find a new place to live without human contact.